• Packet Cost & Payments

    How is the packet cost calculated as is shown on the website?
    The cost of sending a packet is calculated on the basis of two things: origin & destination of packet and actual weight of packet (volumetric weight in certain cases). The cost is inclusive of all applicable taxes.
    Please note that the packet cost is calculated on the basis of details provided by you. This may change in event of actual packet weight (actual or volumetric) is different to the one provided at the time of booking the packet.

    How is the volumetric weight my packet calculated?

    • The volumetric weight (in kg) is calculated using the below formula: packet length (cm) X packet breadth (cm) X packet height (cm) / 5000

    • Do I need to pay anything extra for pick-up?
          No. The pick-up is included in the packet cost paid by you.

    • How can i make the payment?
          You can pay using any of the following methods:
              1: Net Banking
              2: Credit Card
              3: Debit Card

    • Will I get any invoice/bill?
      The invoice would be sent to you over e-mail provide to us during the time of booking.

    • Are there any cancellation charges?
          Any pickup request can be cancelled by you and a full refund will be given if the request is cancelled before 5 PM of the day prior to collection date. After a          consignment has been collected, your order cannot be cancel.
          Any pickup request that is cancelled after an attempt has been made by us to collect the packet or is cancelled after 5 PM of the day prior to collection date will be     subject to a wasted journey charge of Rs.100 or 25% of the order value whichever is higher. This value will be notified to you and deducted from the total refund due     amount.

  • Packet pick up & packaging

    • Is it possible to pick my packet immediately?
          Your packet will be picked as per the schedule chosen by you at the time of booking your packet.

    • Can I schedule my packet to be picked in the future?
           Yes, you can book your packet to be picked at a future date.

    • What do I need to do at the time of pick up?
           You are requested to keep the packet ready (packed & shipping detail label neatly pasted) to be collected by our representative.

    • Can I change the pickup address?
           Unfortunately, we cannot change the pickup address one the pickup is scheduled. We request you to get in touch with our customer service representative for further      details.

  • Shipping & Tracking

    • What happens if my packet is damaged in transit? How can claim refund?
           Fret Not! Please refer to our refund policy (hyper link "refund policy" to refund policy page) for details.

    • Why was my packet not delivered?
           There could many reasons due to which your packet may remain undelivered
          You can pay using any of the following methods:
              1: Incomplete address.
              2: Address located outside delivery area.
              3: Recipient is no reachable to confirm availability for packet delivery.
              4: Recipient refuses to accept packet.

    • What will be happen to my undelivered packet?
           Any undelivered packet will be sent back to the sender.

    • Will I be informed about my packet delivery?
           Once the item is delivered, it will be communicated with you on your registered email and phone-number.

    • How do I track my packet delivery status?
           You can track delivery status of your packet by visiting www.bookmypacket.com. Tracking details are updated periodically and intimations will be sent to your      registered email id.